May 7, 2024
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Mindful Organizing for Health, Home, and Beyond

Are you overwhelmed by a life, an inbox, and relationships that are filled with clutter? What happens when we start exploring why and how clutter manifests in our lives before jumping to a solution?

Whether you have the urge to address clutter that's right in front of you, like that in your kitchen, or clutter that's more abstract, like the benefits program at your workplace, Decluttered can help you figure out how all of it is related and what steps you can take to fix it. Jenny Albertini has brought together her years of diplomatic service, public health program design, and Master KonMarie training to share a mindful approach to shaping our time and space. Including exercises and reflections to help you get started, this book also shares useful tips and ideas for reducing clutter in the realms of your health, your home, and beyond. Both a "how to" and a "why to" approach to minimizing the impact of life stressors on our well-being, Decluttered will help you focus on the connections between your health and the environments where you spend your time—your home, your workplace, and your community.

Making your living room look nice is great, but this book will also help you explore why that makes you feel better—and what you can do with that improved sense of self.

About the Author

Jenny Albertini is a professional organizer and mindfulness guide. After a two-decade career as a diplomat and public health expert, directing HIV/AIDS programs around the world, she became a certified KonMari consultant in 2016. She lives in Washington, DC.

9781684352241 : decluttered-albertini
May 7, 2024
$28.00 USD

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