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December 1, 2001
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CTV-The Network That Means Business

Michael Nolan follows the evolution of CTV from a group of small independent television stations across Canada to the powerful network it is today. He chronicles the boardroom struggles within the network as strong personalities clashed over economic and cultural matters.

About the Author

Michael Nolan teaches media and politics in the journalism program at the University of Western Ontario and in the political science department at King's College, a Western affiliate. He joined CTV as a news anchor and correspondent in the mid 1960s. This is his third book on the Canadian media. Nolan lives in London, Ontario.


"Nolan hits his stride as a storyteller with this book, a lively and readable synthesis of broadcasting history, criticism and biography." Larry Cornies, London Free Press

".a very readable and entertaining history of the CTV network." Peter Rehak, Daily Planet

"Nolan, who joined CTV as a news anchor soon after its launch in 1961 and currently teaches in the journalism program at the University of Western Ontario, brings both an insider's and an academic's expertise to bear on his subject." Calgary's News and Entertainment Weekly

"CTV—A Network That Means Business goes into a step by step analysis of CTV since its conception. He delivers the growth of CTV with interesting and informative detail by painting a picture that exposes the birth, growth, and stature of CTV." Erfana Buksh, CJSF

"Nolan got good quotes from Bassett who had the vision—but not the force to pull it off—of a single-owner network that it now is after his death." Sid Adilman, The

"Nolan (Univ. of Western Ontario) worked for CTV in the 1960s, and here he traces accurately and exhaustively CTV's early growing pains and its battles with the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). His account of the history of CTV's sports and of the evolution of Canada AM and his conversations with on-air personalities strengthen the book. Although Nolan's research for this book was supported in part by CTV, this is a balanced account. [Recommended for: upper-division undergraduates through faculty interested in the history of broadcasting in North America." M. J. Miller, Brock University, CHOICE

9780888643841 : ctv-the-network-that-means-business-nolan
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