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April 1, 2003
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Travels in Undiscovered Country

In his travels through Croatia, Tony Fabijancic saw a world of peasants, shepherds and fishermen irrevocably giving way to the new reality of a modern European state. With a deft and sure touch, he records moments that capture the lingering spirit of the old world even as the former fabric of this place is unravelling forever. The author's profound familiarity with the "extraordinary regionality" of Croatia leads to memorable images of the country, and to sketches and unhurried ruminations on its people, its landscapes, kitchens, cities, and coastlines.

About the Author

Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Tony Fabijancic has a PhD in English from the University of New Brunswick and teaches at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. He is the author of Croatia: Travels in Undiscovered Country.
University of Alberta Press

9780888643971 : croatia-fabijancic
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