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September 13, 1994
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Creation Accounts in the Ancient Near East and in the Bible

The book examines the concept of creation in the ancient Near East, noting four differences from modern conceps: process, result, manner of reporting, and criterion of truth. It next surveys in detail ancient Near Eastern corpora: Sumerian, Akkadian, Egyptian, and "Canaanite" (mostly Ugaritic), giving the relevant ancient text in English translation. The second part of the book, "Creation Accounts in the Bible, looks at texts in Genesis 1-11, the Psalms, Isaiah 40-55, and the Wisdom literature. A conclusion summarizes the results and makes suggestions about interpreting the Bible.

About the Author

Richard J. Clifford, S.J. is professor emeritus of Old Testament at Boston College.

9780915170258 : creation-accounts-in-the-ancient-near-east-and-in-the-bible-clifford
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218 Pages
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