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A Sketch of the Physical Description of the Universe

The first volume of Cosmos, Alexander von Humboldt's five-volume description of the physical universe, was published in 1845. In it Humboldt presents a critical survey of the state of scientific thinking in fields as diverse as astronomy, geology, geography, paleontology, biology, botany, and zoology. This paperback edition reprints the Harper & Brothers edition, published in New York in 1858.

About the Authors

Explorer, courtier, laboratory scientist, and internationally acclaimed author, Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859) embodied the Enlightenment ieal as well as anyone in his age. He built a lasting reputation on the effectiveness of his methods, the quality of his writings, and the strength of his friendships with the likes of Goethe, John C. Fremont, Samual Morse, and Charles Lyell. His influence in Europe and the United States—as scientist, geographer, and social critic—was immense.


"A century and a half after its initial publication, the book remains a work of enduring value. Magnificently written, with an enduring message to convey Cosmos merits a place in the library of every person who wishes to be truly well educated in the history of the natural sciences."—Science Books and Films
The Johns Hopkins University Press
Foundations of Natural History

9780801855023 : cosmos-von-humboldt-rupke
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