January 10, 2011
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Cores, Peripheries, and Globalization

Deals with the intersection of issues associated with globalization and the dynamics of core-periphery relations. It places these debates in a large and vital context asking what the relations between cores and peripheries have in forming our vision of what constitutes globalization and what were and are its possible effects. In this sense the debate on globalization is framed as part of a larger and more crucial discourse that tries to account for the essential dynamics—economic, social, political and cultural—between metropolitan areas and their peripheries.

About the Authors

Peter Hanns Reill was an American historian. He taught history at the University of California, Los Angeles

Balazs Szelenyi received his Ph.D. from UCLA in 1998 and teaches classes on Philosophy, Globalization, Sociology and History for Northeastern University. 


"Brings together a number of prominent historians to investigate the nature of relations between developed areas or nations and those that are under-developed or emerging. The editors invited scholars with an impressive record of research on various aspects of development to refl ect on the concepts of core and periphery in order to forge new analytical tools to investigate the history of globalisation. The essays include interesting details on the history of dependency theory, provide an overview of some of the disputes on the role of individual factors in spurring or hindering industrialisation and sustained development, and many of the contributions, if not all, also summarise past research achievements and make some very interesting observations or speculations on the implications of a particular argument along the way."—Czech Sociological Review

9786155053023 : cores-peripheries-and-globalization-reill-szelenyi
290 Pages
$75.00 USD

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