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March 1, 1999
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Contested Classrooms

Education, Globalization, and Democracy in Alberta

Education has become a battlefield, the classroom the arena where the contest is fought. The 1997 Ontario teachers' strike, the federal government's Millennium Scholarship, and a wave of protests across the country are among the signals that the war is heating up. Alberta stands as a Canadian model of radical education reform, propelled by economic necessity. But is all reform necessarily right or good?-and who decides? A range of commentators-teachers, scholars, parents, and others-discuss the conflict in Alberta's schools.

About the Authors

Trevor W. Harrison is Chair of the Sociology Department, University of Lethbridge. His areas of specialization include Canadian society, political economy, and public policy. Jerrold (Jerry) Kachur (1955-2020) was a professor of international political economy, social theory, and political philosophy. He taught undergraduate courses in the sociology of education and graduate courses in social theory and education, development theory and education, research methodologies, and policy analysis and education.


".highly informative, covers the main policy developments in an authoritative manner and could provoke much needed debate." David Taras, Alberta Views

"a fascinating and disturbing book.. We owe it to ourselves and our kids to read this significant and instructive book and to get more involved." Canadian Principal

"This book is an illuminating and thorough critique of Klein's education legacy. Trevor Harrison and Jerrold Kachur's collection of essays is meticulous and non-partisan, and though Classrooms was published in 1999 its critiques are remarkably prescient—useful to anyone wishing to understand the roots of the grievances outlined by 2003's Alberta Learning Commission." Evan Osenton, Assistant Editor, AlbertaViews

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