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April 9, 2024
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Contemporary Vulnerabilities

Reflections on Social Justice Methodologies

Contemporary Vulnerabilities centres on critical reflections about vulnerable moments in research committed to social change. Exploring the many vulnerabilities within social science research, this interdisciplinary collection gathers critical stories, reflections, and analyses about innovative methodologies that engage with unconventional and unexpected spaces of research that scholars inhabit and share. The authors encourage us to collaborate within, reflect on, and confront the frictions of inquiry around social change. Towards an aim of contesting the dominance of Eurocentric epistemologies, the collection includes modes of storytelling and examples of knowledge gathering that are often excluded from academic texts in general and methodological texts in particular. Scholars and students interested in research methodologies and social justice inquiry will find provocation and recognition in this volume.

Contributors: K. Alysse Bailey, Kayla Besse, Meredith Bessey, Madeline Burghardt, Claire Carter, Shraddha Chatterjee, Yuriko Cowper-Smith, Eva Cupchik, Cheyanne Desnomie, Bongi Dube, Athanasia Francis, Rebecca Godderis, Moses Gordon, Emily Grafton, Caitlin Janzen, Chelsea Temple Jones, Evadne Kelly, Debra Langan, Rebecca Lennox, Corinne Mason, Tara-Leigh F. McHugh, Preeti Nayak, Anh Ngo, Jess Notwell, Marcia Oliver, Cassandra Opikokew Wajuntah, Merrick Pilling, Kendra-Ann Pitt, Salima Punjani, seeley quest, Carla Rice, Jen Rinaldi, Lori Ross, Kate Rossiter, Brenda Rossow-Kimball, Siobhán Saravanamuttu, Melissa Schnarr, Bettina Schneider, Irene Shankar, Skylar Sookpaiboon, Amelia Thorpe, Paul Tshuma, Amber-Lee Varadi, Jijian Voronka, Kristyn Rebecca White.

About the Authors

Claire Carter is Associate Professor in the Department of Gender, Religion, and Critical Studies at the University of Regina. Chelsea Temple Jones is Associate Professor in the Department of Child and Youth Studies at Brock University. Caitlin Janzen is a doctoral candidate in Sociology at York University and works in research administration at the University of Calgary.
University of Alberta Press

9781772127386 : contemporary-vulnerabilities-carter-temple-jones-janzen
Paperback / softback
April 9, 2024
$42.99 USD

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