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January 1, 1995
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Contact and Conflict, Second Edition

Indian-European Relations in British Columbia, 1774-1890, Second Edition

Originally published in 1977, and reprinted several tiems since, Contact and Cnoflict remains an invaluable account of the profound impact that white settlement had on Native-European relations in British Columbia after the fur trade ended. Robin Fisher argues that the fur trade had a limited effect on the cultures of Native people. Both Natives and Europeans were involved in a mutually beneficial economic system, and there was no incentive for non-Native fur traders to alter radically the Native social system. With the passing of the fur trade in 1858, however, and the beginning of white settlement, what has been a reciporcal system between the two civilizations became a pattern of white dominance.

The second edition includes a preface in which the author re-examines his original arguments, surveys the literature since 1977, and comments on directions for new research. The original edition of the book was published at a time when there was relatively little written by historians on the subject. Today, Contact and Conflict is still widely used by scholars and students, and its arguments have endured, yielding new insights into the role of Native people in the history of British Columbia.


"A well-written, stimulating book recommended for university and college libraries with an interest in Canadian and Indian history."—Choice

"This reviewer rates Professor Fisher’s outstanding book as the finest regional analysis yet written on the interracial adjustments between Native inhabitants of the Pacific northwest and the white invaders."—Journal of the West

"Without doubt one of the best accounts that has been written. It is a book which will be in demand by every student of British Columbia history and certainly should be on the bookshelf of those doing anthropological studies in the area."—American West

UBC Press
Second Edition

9780774804004 : contact-and-conflict-2nd-edition-fisher
Paperback / softback
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