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January 22, 2013
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Connecting Canadians

Investigations in Community Informatics

Edited by Andrew Clement
Connecting Canadians represents the work of the Community Research Alliance for Community Innovation and Networking (CRACIN), the largest national and international research effort to examine the burgeoning field of community informatics, a cross-disciplinary approach to the mobilization of information and communications technologies (ICT) for community change. Drawing on diverse theoretical perspectives, from sociology to library and information sciences to women's studies, the essays not only document specific local initiatives but analyze the overall trajectory of the government's vision of a digitally inclusive Canada.

About the Author

Andrew Clement is a professor in the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto, with a crossover appointment in the Department of Computer Science. Michael Gurstein is the director of the Center for Community Informatics Research, Training, and Development. Graham Longford has been a research fellow and co-investigator for CRACIN and CWIRP. Marita Moll is a lecturer at Carleton University. Leslie Regan Shade is an associate professor in the Department of Communication Studies, Concordia University.
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