December 3, 2018
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Connecticut Architecture

Stories of 100 Places

Connecticut boasts some of the oldest and most distinctive architecture in New England, from Colonial churches and Modernist houses to refurbished nineteenth-century factories. The state’s history includes landscapes of small farmsteads, country churches, urban streets, tobacco sheds, quiet maritime villages, and town greens, as well as more recent suburbs and corporate headquarters. In his guide to this rich and diverse architectural heritage, Christopher Wigren introduces readers to 100 places across the state. Written for travelers and residents alike, the book features buildings visible from the road. 

Featuring more than 200 illustrations, the book is organized thematically. Sections include concise entries that treat notable buildings, neighborhoods, and communities, emphasizing the importance of the built environment and its impact on our sense of place. The text highlights key architectural features and trends and relates buildings to the local and regional histories they represent. There are suggestions for further reading and a helpful glossary of architectural terms

A project of the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation, the book reflects more than 30 years of fieldwork and research in statewide architectural survey and National Register of Historic Places programs.


“[A] guide to this rich and diverse architectural heritage”—Connecticut Explored

“Wigren has channeled passion for our past into a handsome new volume, Connecticut Architecture, which examines “Stories of 100 Places” from around the state. It is not a guidebook or a “best of” but a detailed and lavishly illustrated history of what he calls “the art and science of making places””—Alan Bisbort, The Sunday Republican


"This is an exceptionally thoughtful and provocative book, one that offers insights into art and life that are often forgotten in aesthetics. A great book for anyone." —Duo Dickinson, author of A Home Called New England

"Christopher Wigren intrigues the eye and mind in a journey through centuries of Connecticut history and architecture. He illuminates these places with stories enlivening the world around us by connecting the past to the present." —David K. Leff, town historian, Canton CT

"Drawing on over 30 years of historic preservation experience in Connecticut, Chrisopher Wigren has authored the first masterful telling of the story of Connecticut's built environment. From prehistory to the present, the lively text and informative photographs demonstrate Connecticut's strong New England 'sense of place'. By choosing 100 places-not always single buildings-Wigren weaves together the stories of Connecticut's peoples across over 300 years of building. With his deep grasp of existing research and the buildings recognized on the National Register of Historic Places, he provides both the scholar and the day trip enthusiast with a list of places to visit." —Mary M. Donohue, Connecticut State Historic Preservation Office

9780819578136 : connecticut-architecture-wigren-connecticut-trust-for-historic-preservation
296 Pages
$40.00 USD

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