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November 27, 2013
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Community Mental Health in Canada, Revised and Expanded Edition

Theory, Policy, and Practice

When it was first published in 2006, Community Mental Health in Canada was hailed as a much-needed critical overview of the provision of public mental health services in Canada.Comprehensive in scope, its coverage included:

the prevalence and impact of mental illness in Canada
the complementary and conflicting interests of stakeholder groups, such as mental health professionals, clients, families, governments, and drug companies
strengths and limitations of models of care and practice approaches
current and developing initiatives in treatment, rehabilitation, housing, and criminal justice programs
the clinical benefits and costs of particular interventions
the legal and ethical basis of mental health practice.

This much-awaited new edition of the book has been substantially revised and expanded to include:

a deeper discussion of stigma, the recovery vision, the pharmaceutical industry, the assessment process, and mental health law
new topics, such as the two-continua model of mental health/mental illness, rural mental health, and prevention and health promotion
recent developments stemming from recommendations of the 2006 Senate report on mental health, including the creation of the Mental Health Commission of Canada in 2007 and its influential national mental health strategy released in 2012.

This book fills a gap in the literature in its analysis of both clinical mental health practice and the structural context within which it is situated. Accessibly written and highly informative, it is an indispensable resource for students, practitioners, and policymakers, as well as service recipients, their families, and interested members of the public.

About the Author

Simon Davis is a manager in mental health and addictions with the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority. He is also aninstructor at the University of British Columbia's School of Social Work and in the post-degree program in psychosocial rehabilitation atDouglas College.


"This book makes an important and unique contribution to understanding mental health issues in Canada, as well as across North America. Most books focus on mental health disorders and neglect the vast areas of service provision and delivery with their attendant complexities. Simon Davis has done an excellent job of covering all of these facets in this comprehensive and well-referenced book."—Jeannette Waegemakers Schiff, University of Calgary
UBC Press

9780774826990 : community-mental-health-in-canada-revised-and-expanded-edition-davis
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