September 29, 2023
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Colors and Textures of Roman North Africa

Essays in Memory of Maureen A. Tilley

This book serves two purposes: first, it celebrates the career of the late Maureen Tilley; second, it provides a "state of the field" look at some of the latest scholarship on Christian North Africa in late antiquity. The chapters, written by both senior scholars and the next generation of North African researchers, fills gaps in some of our understandings of the colorful people, places, and disputes that arose in the unique environment of Christian North Africa. The book centers around Augustine, Donatist studies, and North African biblical interpretation, representing Tilley's major areas of interest, while also ensuring coverage of Tertullian (a major figure in the North African church and one of Tilley's hobbyhorses) and the pilgrimages to North Africa and other places. It contributes to the field(s) by providing new scholarship from some of the biggest names in Christian North Africa studies (Patout Burns, Robin Jensen, Bill Tabbernee, Anthony Dupont, and Allan Fitzgerald) and in Patristic/early Christian studies writ large (Blake Leyerle and Geoffrey Dunn) while demonstrating the new trajectories of Christian North Africa research from early career (Alden Bass) and emerging (Colum Dever) scholars. The editors were Tilley's dissertation director (the late Liz Clark) and one of her last mentees (Zach Smith), so the entire collection has a meta-view of academic genealogy – knowledge flowing from Tilley's mentor, through colleagues and mentees, and down through and to the next generation who carry on those legacies.

About the Authors

Elizabeth A. Clark was John Carlisle Kilgo Professor of Religion, Emerita, Duke University. Zachary B. Smith is associate professor of theology and of classical and near eastern studies, Creighton University.


"This rich volume will certainly contribute greatly to the study of both Christian Roman North Africa and Roman North Africa. Maureen Tilley's research has always been of the greatest importance. The nine contributions in this volume all emphasize a great number of core aspects of her highly original research."—Alexander W.H. Evers, Loyola University Chicago

9780813236971 : colors-and-textures-of-roman-north-africa-clark-smith
September 29, 2023
$75.00 USD

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