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October 22, 1994
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Colonialism and Nationalism in Asian Cinema

" . . . an important collective work for communication practitioners, students, and scholars who want to have a deeper understanding of film making in Asia and of the promotion of nationalism through communication." —Media Asia

" . . . a momentous contribution to the study of colonialism and postcoloniality in Asia . . . " —The Journal of Asian Studies

"This is an excellent model for studies in how the popular, art, and experimental cinemas function in the consideration of nationhood as a configuration of symbols. . . . This anthology provides an interesting discussion by offering a theoretical framework from which to examine the complex topics of nation, state, identity formation, and collective history in the realm of cinema. It becomes an even more effective tool by playing itself out within a diverse Asian context." —Afterimage

Essays examine the representation of the interlocking discourses of nationhood and history in Asian cinema, dealing with film traditions in Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, and Australia.

About the Author

WIMAL DISSANAYAKE, Senior Fellow at the East-West Center, Hawaii, is the author of several books on cinema, the latest being Melodrama and Asian Cinema.
Indiana University Press

9780253208958 : colonialism-and-nationalism-in-asian-cinema-dissanayake
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