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Clearing in the Sky & Other Stories

Here are twenty-one tales from Kentucky's inimitable and beloved storyteller, Jesse Stuart. Full of high, rambunctious humor, quick-paced as a mountain square dance, bright as a maple tree against an October hill—these stories are Stuart in his best form—the form that has made him one of the most widely read authors in America. Read here about the man who coveted a steam shovel and stole it piece by piece, or about the celebrated eating contest between Sam Whiteapple and the game rooster, or about the hill farmer who wanted to clear and farm one last spot of new ground before he died.

Although he has a sharp eye for human foibles and infirmities, Stuart never fails to write of his people with affection or to see that justice is done them. Originally published in 1950, Clearing in the Sky was inadvertently declared out of print after three years and never reprinted. Now for Jesse Stuart's many readers it is once more available with an appreciative foreword by Ruel Foster.

About the Author

Jesse Stuart is a Kentucky teacher, lecturer, and writer. As a specialist for the U.S. Department of State, he traveled around the world, and he served as a visiting lecturer and professor at the American University in Cairo in 1960-61. His work includes nearly thirty books, ranging from poetry to biography, autobiography, novels, and short stories.


"More superb tales of his mountains told by a superb craftsman. These flavorful 'yarns' with their freshness, dramatic tenseness, and directness are outstanding."—Library Journal

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