March 11, 2014
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April 1, 2014
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Citizen 13660, revised edition

By Miné Okubo
Introduction by Christine Hong
Mine Okubo was one of over one hundred thousand people of Japanese descent - nearly two-thirds of whom were American citizens - who were forced into "protective custody" shortly after Pearl Harbor. Citizen 13660, Okubo's graphic memoir of life in relocation centers in California and Utah, illuminates this experience with poignant illustrations and witty, candid text. Now available with a new introduction by Christine Hong and in a wide-format artist edition, this graphic novel can reach a new generation of readers and scholars.

Read more about Mine Okubo in Mine Okubo: Following Her Own Road, edited by Greg Robinson and Elena Tajima Creef. https://uwapress.uw.edu/book/9780295987743/mine-okubo/

About the Authors

Miné Okubo(1912 - 2001) was born in California. From 1939 to 1942 she was employed as a Works Progress Administration artist. In 1944 she was hired by Fortune magazine and relocated to New York, where she continued to work as an artist, with solo and group exhibitions at museums, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


"This forerunner to the modern graphic memoir is a must read, both for the important - and shameful - period of American history it documents and its poignant beauty."—Printers Row Journal, Chicago Tribune

"Originally published in 1946, Citizen 13660 is a documentation of life inside the World War II "relocation centers" for those of Japanese ancestry. This oft-overlooked portion of American history is brought poignantly to life by Okubo's expressive ink drawings and accompanying text. . . . Without a doubt, this book should be on required reading lists for high schools across the country."—Foreword Reviews
University of Washington Press
Classics of Asian American Literature
revised edition

9780295993546 : citizen-13660-2nd-edition-okubo-hong
Paperback / softback
240 Pages
$19.95 USD
9780295993928 : citizen-13660-2nd-edition-okubo-hong
240 Pages
$29.95 USD

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