October 11, 2018
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Made in the Middle East

Edited by James Neil
Like other technologies that would transform life in the 20th century such as the automobile and the airplane, the film camera helped to further a modernist spirit across the Middle East and North Africa, and took inspiration from both Western and Eastern sources. Through periods of uneven development, cinema in this extensive region found its true artisans, and master directors emerged.

This anthology presents a fascinating collection of essays with contributions by and interviews with esteemed international film critics and writers. It appraises films by directors who have roots in the region alongside works by European filmmakers who have portrayed these countries with strong cinematic visions.

Featuring hundreds of striking film stills and unique graphic materials such as storyboards and posters, this book brings alive on the page a diverse and vibrant cinema culture. Films made in this region have maturity and stand alongside some of the finest cinema in the world. This book is a critical tribute to that achievement.

About the Author

James Neil is a London-based film curator and filmmaker. Contributors include Jonathan Rosenbaum, Geoff Andrew, Jean-Michel Frodon, Richard Combs, Laura Mulvey, Philip French, James Quandt, Gary Crowdus, Samir Farid, Edward Said, and Chris Marker. With interviewees Elia Suleiman, Moufida Tlatli, Turkan Soray, Gillo Pontecorvo, Saadi Yacef, and others.
LM Publishers

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