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December 1, 2001
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Chung ta noi... Conversational Vietnamese

An Intermediate Text

This intermediate language text, written for those who already have a basic knowledge of Vietnamese, stresses conversational skills. The goal is to help students communicate effectively and absorb meaning through speaking, listening, reading, and writing, incorporating the most up-to-date features of the interactive approach to language learning.

The book provides insights into Vietnam's multifaceted culture. Each of the 24 chapters includes a list of competencies to be achieved and concepts to be studied; vocabulary lists, pronunciation drills, dialogues, and oral activities; a section devoted to grammar with exercises, and explanations in English; proverbs and popular phrases to be memorized and recited; situations to help achieve fluidity of speech in real-life communication; a summary of vocabulary, grammar pointsk and pattern sentences for review; a listening section; and Vietnamese newspaper articles with reading and writing assignments.

The text also includes three audio CDs, a glossary, and an index to grammar notes. Review lessons following every three chapters are designed to keep the learner current at all times.

About the Authors

Le Pham Thuy-Kim is a lecturer in language and literature at Arizona State University. Nguyen Kim-Oanh is senior lecturer in Vietnamese at the University of Washington, Seattle.
University of Washington Press

9780295980898 : chung-ta-noi-conversational-vietnamese-thuy-kim-kim-oanh
Paperback / softback
$60.00 USD