April 3, 2018
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City of Gardens

Long famous for its charming courtyard gardens in the peninsula's historic district, Charleston, South Carolina, has a remarkable southern landscape that also includes dozens of exquisite private gardens, city parks, cemeteries, institutional gardens, and even an urban farm. In Charleston: City of Gardens, Louisa Pringle Cameron shares the splendor of these gems along with accounts from garden owners, an urban forester, a city horticulturalist, and other overseers of the Holy City's beautiful green spaces.

By exploring gardens beyond the Lower Peninsula, Cameron reveals the enormous scope of gardening within the city. Charleston's moderate climate, lengthy growing season, and generous annual rainfall allow thousands of tree and other plant species to thrive. Even certain tropical plants flourish in protected locations. While the more than two hundred color images in Charleston cannot do justice to actually experiencing a lush southern garden with its visual and tactile feasts, gentle sounds of running water and birdsong, and sweet fragrances, they can serve as an inspiration and guide to planning a garden or perhaps a memorable vacation in the Carolinas.


"Once again, Louisa Pringle Cameron has captured the beauty and charm of private gardens in her historic hometown. Her new book, Charleston: City of Gardens, will find a welcome audience among Charlestonians and visitors alike, and with this book, she makes another important contribution to the city's garden history archive."—Evelyn M. (Patti) McGee, director emerita, the Garden Conservancy

"Charleston: City of Gardens is a study not to be missed by anyone interested in understanding the ever-changing opportunities offered and re-offered in Charleston's private spaces, including parks and churchyards. As ownership changes, the bones of private gardens are usually preserved, but often the garden is expressed anew. Louisa Pringle Cameron not only provides a comprehensive verbal and visual tour of Charleston's urban gardens, but also introduces the reader to many of the gardeners who have made Charleston truly a city of gardens."—Charles Duell, president and chief executive officer, Middleton Place Foundation

"Louisa Cameron gives the reader a peek into some of the best private gardens in the Holy City as well as the house museum gardens, graveyards, city parks, and gardens off the peninsula. These paradises come alive with her photographs, descriptions, and conversations with the owners. The book is not only beautiful but includes wonderful narrative about the history and significance of Charleston gardens and a tried and true planting guide for the Southern gardener. This is a book that every gardener and visitor to Charleston will want to read."—Benjamin F. Lenhardt, Jr., chairman, the Garden Conservancy

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$44.99 USD

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