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March 1, 1995
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Chaos and Determinism

Turbulence as a Paradigm for Complex Systems Converging Toward Final States

In Chaos and Determinism, members of the French Academy from several disciplines — including fluid mechanics, economics, philosophy, theoretcial physics and biology — offer scientific and philosophical analyses of the concepts of order, chaos, and determinism as they emerge in such complex systems as atmosphere, oceans, monetary economic,s and biological organisms. Using turbulence in fluid mechanics as the chief model, the authors describe and explain the behavior of systems that tend toward a particular end-state, such as an attractor in dynamic systems. The result is a unique interdisciplinary study of complex behavior and its philosophical consequences in fluid mechanics, meteorology, oceanography, physics, embryology, genetics, and economics.

About the Authors

Alexandre Favre is emeritus professor of fluid mechanices at the University of Aix-Marseille. Henri Guitton is honorary professor of economics at the Sorbonne. Jean Guitton is honorary professor of philosophy at the Sorbonne. Andre Lichnerowicz is honorary professor of physical theories at the Collège de France. Etienne Wolff is honorary professor of biology and an administrator at the Collège de France. All are members of the French Academy.


"I found this most unusual book to be very stimulating. It really did achieve its objective of breaking academic barriers."

- Julian C. R. Hunt, reviewing the French edition
Johns Hopkins University Press
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