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April 20, 2007
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April 20, 2007
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Catalogue of the Slavonic Cyrillic Manuscripts of the National Szechenyi Library

This volume provides a thorough introduction to the Cyrillic collection, and contains the detailed descriptions of the fifty-six Slavonic Cyrillic codices or fragments thereof held by the National Széchényi Library in Budapest, the vast majority of which are here described for the first time. The analysis of the codices has been done using the resources of modern technology. Written from the thirteenth to early nineteenth century, the codices were mostly produced within the confines of the historical Kingdom of Hungary. The catalogue is extensively illustrated with pictures of the most characteristic and decorative pages and a few covers of the codices.This publication is a further step towards the complete documentation of the Cyrillic manuscript heritage of Central Europe.

9789637326820 : catalogue-of-the-slavonic-cyrillic-manuscripts-of-the-national-szechenyi-library-cleminson-moussakova-voutova
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9789637326974 : catalogue-of-the-slavonic-cyrillic-manuscripts-of-the-national-szechenyi-library-cleminson-moussakova-voutova
329 Pages
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