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September 7, 2016
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Care, Cooperation and Activism in Canada's Northern Social Economy

People across Canada's North have created vibrant community institutions to serve a wide range of social and economic needs. Neither state-driven nor profit-oriented, these organizations form a relatively under-studied third sector of the economy. Researchers from the Social Economy Research Network of Northern Canada explore this sector through fifteen case studies, encompassing artistic, recreational, cultural, political, business, and economic development organizations that are crucial to the health and vitality of their communities. Care, Cooperation and Activism in Canada's Northern Social Economy shows the innovative diversity and utter necessity of home-grown institutions in communities across Labrador, Nunatsiavut, Nunavik, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and Yukon. Readers, researchers, and students interested in social economy, Aboriginal studies, and northern communities will find much to enjoy and value in this book.Contributors: Frances Abele, Jennifer Alsop, Matthew A. Beaudoin, Jean-Sébastien Boutet, Julia Christensen, Cédric Drouin, Moses Hernandez, Noor Johnson, Sheena Kennedy Dalseg, Frédéric Moisan, Joseph Moise, Rajiv Rawat, Jerald Sabin, Chris Southcott, Kiri Staples, Lucille Villaseñor-Caron, Valoree Walker

About the Authors

Frances Abele is Professor in the School of Public Policy and Administration and Academic Director of the Carleton Centre for Community Innovation, both at Carleton University in Ottawa. Chris Southcott has been involved in community-based research in the circumpolar north for over 26 years. He has published over 100 scientific reports, books, chapters, and articles dealing with social and economic change in Northern Canada and the rest of the circumpolar world.

9781772120875 : care-cooperation-and-activism-in-canadas-northern-social-economy-abele-southcott-alsop
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