September 11, 2019
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Canada on the United Nations Security Council

A Small Power on a Large Stage

As the twentieth century ended, Canada was completing its sixth term on the UN Security Council. A decade later, the government's attempt to return to the council was dramatically rejected by its global peers, leaving Canadians – and international observers – shocked and disappointed. Canada on the United Nations Security Council tells the story of that defeat and what it means for future campaigns, describing and analyzing Canada's attempts since 1946, both successful and unsuccessful, to gain a seat as a nonpermanent member. Impeccably researched and clearly written, this is the definitive history of the Canadian experience on the world's most powerful stage.

About the Author

Adam Chapnick is the deputy director of education at the Canadian Forces College and a professor of defence studies at the Royal Military College of Canada. He has authored or edited eight books, including two that were shortlisted for the annual Dafoe Prize, recognizing the best book on Canada or Canada and the world: Canada's Voice: The Public Life of John Wendell Holmes and The Middle Power Project: Canada and the Founding of the United Nations. He is also the author of over forty academic essays and book chapters on historical and contemporary issues in Canadian foreign policy, and a former editor of Canada's leading journal of global policy analysis, International Journal.

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