August 12, 1999
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Camp Colt to Desert Storm

The History of U.S. Armored Forces

The tank revolutionized the battlefield in World War II. In the years since, additional technological developments—including nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles, computer assisted firing, and satellite navigation—have continued to transform the face of combat. The only complete history of U.S. armed forces from the advent of the tank in battle during World War I to the campaign to drive Iraq out of Kuwait in 1991, Camp Colt to Desert Storm traces the development of doctrine for operations at the tactical and operational levels of war and translates this fighting doctrine into the development of equipment.


"A new book by historians and military personnel with direct experience with these systems explains how U.S. forces reached this seminal point in the history of the nation's military operations."—Appalachian Quarterly

"By far the single best compendium yet published on the history of the development of armor and armored fighting vehicles in the United States."—Armor

"A textbook and reference work for the serious student of the development of the tank and armored vehicle doctrine, tactics and equipment from the beginning to today."—Assembly

"A comprehensive volume that covers all aspects of the U.S. Armored Forces creation, development, and achievements in the 20th century."—Boston Book Review

"A superb job of compiling the history of the Armored Forces."—Brig. Gen. Mark A. Montjar, USAR

"A textbook and reference work for the serious student of the development of the tank and armored vehicle doctrine, tactics, and equipment from the beginning to today."—Cavalry Journal

"A most valuable addition to the literature in the field. Even the most casual students of the topic will find this book must reading."—Journal of Military History

"Here we find not just military history but an expert study of how a weapon of war, the tank, has interacted with political and other forces and evolved into its present form."—Library Journal

"An extensive yet quite readable study of the development and use of the tank in the American military."—Library Journal

"Worthwhile, educational, and informative with regard to the evolution of doctrine and equipment associated with the emergence of armor."—Marine Corps Gazette

"A brilliant examination of the military's struggle to devise the organizations, equipment, and doctrine necessary to win in armored warfare."—Military Vehicles Magazine

"Seminal. . . . Examines how armor mechanization has changed over the past 80 years and how that change influenced the accompanying doctrine and tactics."—Parameters

"Boasts some of the best available analysis of mobile war as practiced by the U.S."—Publishers Weekly

"The richest available store of information and interpretation on the history of American armored warfare both in theory and practice."—Russell F. Weigley

9780813121307 : camp-colt-to-desert-storm-hofmann-starry
656 Pages
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