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August 4, 2020
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Camouflaged Aggression in Organizations

A Bimodal Theory

In Camouflaged Aggression in Organizations, Alexander Abdennur unveils his theory of two modes of aggression in organizations: confrontational and camouflaged. Focusing on camouflaged aggression, he describes patterns of behaviour and shows how these intersect with personality and sociocultural factors. He defines the effects of non-confrontational aggression in terms of organizational and mental health. In discussing prevention and control of this harmful behaviour, Abdennur recommends a cognitive approach to manage workplace hostility in businesses, the public sector, and not-for-profit organizations. Professionals, professors, and students of psychology, organizational behaviour, and criminology will find this a necessary and insightful resource.

About the Author

Alexander Abdennur is the director of the Cognitive Centre of Canada. He worked as a researcher in criminal justice at federal research departments and taught at universities in Canada and abroad. He holds an MA in Criminology and a PhD in Education from the University of Ottawa and is the author of four academic books.


"Camouflaged Aggression is raw and fascinating with a quirky voyeuristic quality, like watching primates in a zoo. It is beyond sociology. It is entertaining."—Holly Doan, Blacklock's Reporter


"A thorough, thoughtful, and incisive analysis of aggression in organizations and how to manage it. Abdennur's book should be required reading for all managers seeking to identify and resolve workplace conflicts."——Warren Thorngate, Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Carleton University

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