August 20, 2016
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Broken Masculinities

Solitude, Alienation, and Frustration in Turkish Literature after 1970

Broken Masculinities portrays the post-dictatorial novel of the 1970s in all its complexity, and introduces the reader to a 1968-era Turkey, a period which challenges Turkey's now reinforced Islamic image by portraying the quest for sexual liberation and critical student uprisings. Günay-Erkol argues that the literature written after the 1971 coup in Turkey constitutes a coherent sub-genre and needs to be considered together. These novels share a common ground which is rich in images of men and women craving for power: general isolation, sexual-emotional frustration, and a traumatic sense of solitude and alienation.

This book is an original and significant contribution to two major fields of study: (1) gender and sexuality with respect to formation of subjectivity through literature, and (2) modern literature and history through the study of Turkish literature. The chief concern in this book is not only literature's response to a particular period in Turkey, but also the role of literature in bearing witness to trauma and drastic political acts of violence—and coming to terms with them.

About the Author

Çimen Günay-Erkol is Associate Professor of Turkish Literature at Özyegin University, Istanbul.


"Aufschlussreich ist die Arbeit für weitere kulturwissenschaftliche Themenfelder wie beispielsweise die Frage nach dem Umgang mit Gewalterfahrungen und autoritärer Erziehung. Die Verfasserin unterstreicht mehrfach den Stellenwert der Arbeit an der Schnittstelle zwischen Literatur, Geschichtsschreibung, Politik und Erinnerungskultur. Die Arbeit ist klar und wohl proportioniert aufgebaut. Die Studie ist für Fachkreise und für die Betrachtung der behandelten Autor/innen äußerst empfehlenswert. Über diese Kreise hinaus ist sie gewiss für diejenigen, die sich mit türkischer Prosaliteratur, mit der politischen Kultur der Türkei und ihrer Geschichte, der Rolle der Frau in der türkischen Gesellschaft befassen, äußerst lesenswert. Inspirierend ist das Buch außerdem für alle, die sich mit Männlichkeit in autoritären patriarchal geprägten Systemen und der literarischen Verarbeitung von Gewalterfahrungen befassen."—Orientalistische Literaturzeitung


"Broken Masculinities is a welcome contribution to the growing body of interdisciplinary scholarship on the Turkish novel. In addition to introducing an archive of 12 March 1971 coup novels to Anglophone audiences, Günay-Erkol provides a compelling gendered reading of these novels through an analysis of contested and competing masculinities. Broken Masculinities is an insightful study for students and scholars of Turkish history, literature, and gender studies."—Erdağ Göknar

"As a non-Turkish, non-literary studies scholar, I found Çimen Günay-Erkol's book, drawing on novels published during and after the military coup of March 1971, to be a fascinating and detailed analysis. It is a very welcome example of the current fertile growth of critical studies of men and masculinities in Turkey by a new generation of scholars, which provide a base for further studies of men and masculinities in both texts and social practice in the Turkish context."—Jeff Hearn

9786155225253 : broken-masculinities-gunay-erkol
262 Pages
$75.00 USD

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