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May 7, 2008
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Breaking the Mold

Selections from the Washington Gallery of Modern Art, 1961-1968

Breaking the Mold focuses on paintings from a pivotal time, one of transition from postwar abstract expressionism to new artistic developments. It includes works on paper, paintings, and sculpture by fifty artists including Josef Albers, Richard Diebenkorn, Ellsworth Kelly, Morris Louis, and Marcel Duchamp.

The Washington Gallery of Modern Art (WGMA) was founded in Washington, DC, on October 28, 1961, to increase the national and international attention given to contemporary art in the nation's capital, with an expressed purpose to exhibit and collect contemporary works of art. In 1968, the museum's collection was sold to the Oklahoma Art Center.

This historically important collection from the former Washington gallery played an important role in the collection and cultivation of contemporary American art movements from the 1950s and 1960s, including late abstract expressionism, color field painting, minimalism, and pop art.

About the Authors

Barbara Rose is an American art historian and critic and author of more than twenty books. The other contributors are Gerald Nordland and Hardy S. George.


"A must for contemporary collections."—Umbrella
Oklahoma City Museum of Art

9780911919059 : breaking-the-mold-rose-nordland-george
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