December 1, 2017
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August 31, 2018
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Breaking News?

Politics, Journalism, and Infotainment on Quebec Television

In the thousand-channel universe, politicians must find innovative ways to reach citizens on television. Viewership for news and current affairs television programs has dropped dramatically. Meanwhile, the rise of programming that blends information with entertainment – infotainment – on French-Canadian television has provided new opportunities for today's politicians. Breaking News? traces the development of infotainment and exposes the impact of these kinds of programs on modern political communication. Frédérick Bastien argrues that, though not without its controversies, infotainment ultimately makes a positive contribution to democratic life by piquing the audience's interest in public affairs and motivating it to pay more attention to political news in general.

About the Authors

Frédérick Bastien is associate professor of political science at Université de Montréal.
UBC Press

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