December 30, 1981
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Black American Literature and Humanism

For Black writers, what is tradition? What does it mean to them that Western humanism has excluded Black culture? Seven noted Black writers and critics take up these and other questions in this collection of original essays, attempting to redefine humanism from a Black perspective, to free it from ethnocentrism, and to enlarge its cultural base.

Contributors: Richard K. Barksdale, Alice Childress, Chester J. Fontenot, Michael S. Harper, Trudier Harris, George E. Kent, R. Baxter Miller

About the Authors

R. Baxter Miller is associate professor of English at the University of Tennessee.


"A milestone in the scholarship on Afro-American letters."—South Atlantic Review

"An important statement about Black American Literature today. Black writers challenge many of the assumptions of Westerns humanism, and critics must be cognizant of their challenge."—Robert Hemenway

9780813114361 : black-american-literature-and-humanism-miller-barksdale-childress
128 Pages
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