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January 1, 1995
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Bitter Feast

Amerindians and Europeans in Northeastern North America, 1600-64

By Denys Delage
Translated by Jane Brierley
‘A strange and gripping tragedy’ is how Brian Moore has described the seventeenth-century confrontation of Europeans and Amerindians in his compelling novel, Black Robe. In Bitter Feast, sociologist an dhistorian Denys Delage takes a fresh look at the struggle underlying the meeting of two civilizations on the North American continent. Both civilizations had strongly developed economic, religious, and cultural traditions. Each had something to give and something to learns, and yet one was to emerge as a powerful new force, while the other was to be shaken to its foundations.

‘The race to accumulate capital drove European shipes to teh shores of northeastern North America,’ writes Delage, ‘brining into contact two civilizations--one on the brink of Industrial Revolution, the other still in the Stone Age.’ When the first Europeans arrived, the continent’s population was as great as that of Europe. Until this time, Amerindians had rarely lacked food, and had traded widely on foot and by water for the commodities they desired. Caught in the web of an unequal trading relationship where furs were exchanged for fish hooks and faith, Amerindian civilization in northeastern North America faced a challenge that set the pattern for future generations.

Finally available in English, this award-winning book presents a provocative world-system analysis of European coilonization in North America as well as a sobering account of the impact that this colonization had on native peoples. It will be of interest tooanyone looking for new ways of understanding the continent’s early history--the legacy of which still has implications today.


"A well-written, tightly argued comparative colonial history which never departs from its central theme. So reflective and provocative an interpretation deserves wide circulation."—Cornelius J. Jaenen, Histoire sociale, Social History
UBC Press

9780774804516 : bitter-feast-delage-brierley
Paperback / softback
$37.95 USD

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