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December 6, 2022
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Between the Tides in Washington and Oregon

Exploring Beaches and Tidepools

A spectacular variety of life flourishes between the ebb and flow of high and low tide. Anemones talk to each other through chemical signaling, clingfish grip rocks and resist the surging tide, and bioluminescent dinoflagellates—single-celled algae—light up disturbances in the shallow water like glowing fingerprints.

This guidebook helps readers uncover the hidden workings of the natural world of the shoreline. Richly illustrated and accessibly written, Between the Tides in Washington and Oregon illuminates the scientific forces that shape the diversity of life at each beach and tidepool—perfect for beachgoers who want to know why.

Features include

• profiles of popular and off-the-beaten-track sites to visit along the Greater Salish Sea, Puget Sound, and Washington and Oregon coasts
• the fascinating stories behind both common and less familiar species
• a lively introduction to how coastal ecosystems work and why no two beaches are ever alike

About the Authors

Ryan P. Kelly is associate professor in the University of Washington's School of Marine and Environmental Affairs. Terrie Klinger is professor in the University of Washington's School of Marine and Environmental Affairs. John J. Meyer is director of science communication in the University of Washington's College of the Environment.


"Outdoorsyfolks, budding naturalists and sea glass collectors will enjoy this beautifully photographed new guide."—Seattle Times

"The enthusiasm the authors have for their topic is genuine and they share remarkable stories of the dynamic interface between ocean and continent as it plays out every day here in the Northwest. There's real drama here: predation, invasive species, environmental extremes on a twice daily basis as the tides ebb and flow, and eating and sexual mechanics that boggle the imagination. This information truly will help you think more comprehensively about which marine species live where along our coastline, and why."—Coast Weekend

"This book is a must-have for anyone with an interest in the marine ecology of the region."—Birdbooker Report


"A fun and informative journey into the incredible biodiversity of the Pacific Northwest. This book will unlock curiosity in young and old alike!"—Sally Jewell, former US Secretary of the Interior

"This book will help you become a shoreline detective able to appreciate the real joys of going to the beach. It'll make you want to climb out of your cozy reading chair and start exploring."—Joseph K. Gaydos, VMD, PhD, coauthor of The Salish Sea: Jewel of the Pacific Northwest

"An invitation to explore the fascinating world that is uncovered when the tide is out."—Melissa Foley, San Francisco Estuary Institute

9780295749969 : between-the-tides-in-washington-and-oregon-kelly-klinger-meyer
Paperback / softback
264 Pages
$24.95 USD

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