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Aswat Muasira

Short Stories for Advanced Arabic

An engaging collection of contemporary short stories from various Arabic countries develops students' mastery of literary analysis and cultural awareness

Aswat Mu'asira introduces advanced level students to contemporary short stories from across the Middle East. Fifty-five stories in Arabic from twenty countries engage students with current topics and literary approaches that open the door to discovering both established and emerging authors and literary traditions. The book includes voices from often overlooked Arabic-speaking countries and peoples, giving readers the opportunity to broaden their understanding of Arabic cultures.

While most Arabic literature textbooks include only excerpts of longer works, the short stories in this collection are designed to be read in one sitting, giving students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a complete piece of literature. Stories are organized into chapters based on their country of origin. Each story is preceded by an author biography and followed by exercises to help students practice vocabulary and comprehension, explore the literary tradition, and master literary analysis.

Scholars of Arabic literature will also welcome these new stories, many of which are available outside the Middle East for the first time in this collection and expand the understanding of the short story and of contemporary literature from this important region.

About the Authors

Jonas Elbousty is the director of undergraduate studies and of the Arabic Summer Abroad Program at Yale University. He has worked extensively with the Defense Language Institute and other organizations to provide training and testing services. Elbousty is the author of Media Arabic: Journalistic Discourse for Advanced Students of Arabic, the coauthor of Advanced Arabic Literary Reader, and coauthor of Vitality and Dynamism: Interstitial Dialogues of Language, Politics, and Religion in Morocco's Literary Tradition.


"Aswat Muasira is a welcome resource for advanced students of Arabic language and literature. Elbousty has carefully selected short stories that showcase a wide range of aesthetics, themes, and regional realities. The exercises nurture the close reading skills and interactive, communicative learning essential for a meaningful encounter with literature." — Johanna Sellman, assistant professor, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, The Ohio State University

"While the initial development of the short story genre may have been focused on what one might call the "central regions" of the broader Arabic-speaking world — Syro-Lebanon and Egypt — cultural movements, publication outlets, and calls for change and innovation now emerged in force "from the Ocean to the Gulf." They revealed by the beginning of the twenty-first century a remarkable level of literary creativity and experimentation. It is this moment that Jonas Elbousty's collection Aswat muasira: Short Stories for Advanced Arabic so effectively illustrates. In this book, readers can savor the modern Arabic short story in all its varieties—regional, topical, structural, and stylistic." — Roger Allen, emeritus professor, University of Pennsylvania; award-winning translator; from the introduction

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"A masterfully curated collection of short stories on a range of engaging themes and in an array of styles and voices. Awat Muaira places literature and cultural competence at the center of communicative language learning and prepares the student of Arabic for the leap toward near native proficiency." — Huda Fakhreddine, Associate Professor of Arabic Literature, The Univesity of Pennsylvania
Georgetown University Press

9781647122799 : aswat-muasira-elbousty-allen
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