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September 8, 2020
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Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Ten Short Lessons

In Artificial Intelligence and Robotics: Ten Short Lessons, leading expert Peter J. Bentley breaks down the fast-moving world of computers into ten pivotal lessons, presenting the reader with the essential information they need to get to understand our most powerful technology and its remarkable implications for our species.

From the origins and motivation behind the birth of AI and robotics to using smart algorithms that allow us to build good robots, from the technologies that enable computers to understand a huge range of sensory information, including language and communication, to the challenges of emotional intelligence, unpredictable environments, and imagination in artificial intelligence, this is a cutting-edge, expert-led guide for curious minds. Packed full of easy-to-understand diagrams, pictures, and fact boxes, these ten lessons cover all the basics, as well as the latest understanding and developments, to enlighten the nonscientist.

About the series: The Pocket Einstein series is a collection of essential pocket-sized guides for anyone looking to understand a little more about some of the most important and fascinating areas of science in the twenty-first century. Broken down into ten simple lessons and written by leading experts in their field, the books reveal the ten most important takeaways from those areas of science you've always wanted to know more about.

About the Author

Peter J. Bentley (LONDON, UK) is an honorary professor in the Department of Computer Science at University College London, a visiting professor at Autodesk, a collaborating professor at the Korean Advanced Institute for Science and Technology, and the cofounder of Kazoova Ltd. He is the author of Digital Biology: How Nature Is Transforming Our Technology and Our Lives and Digitized: The Science of Computers and How It Shapes Our World.

Johns Hopkins University Press
Pocket Einstein Series
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Electronic book text
September 8, 2020
$14.95 USD

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