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August 15, 2019
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Art-Medicine Collaborative Practice

Transforming the Experience of Head and Neck Cancer

Through a fusion of personal experience and art, the contributors help us understand the lived realities of individuals with head and neck cancer. Featuring original art from Ingrid Bachmann, Sean Caulfield, Jude Griebel, Jill Ho-You, Heather Huston, and Bradley Necyk, this collaborative, interdisciplinary exploration draws together the voices of patients, health care practitioners, researchers, and artists to offer a more holistic—more human—understanding of cancer treatment and its aftermath. Art–Medicine Collaborative Practice will resonate with people with head or neck cancer as well as medical practitioners who aid in their healing process. It is an important book for all those in the health professions and medical humanities, as well as artists, arts-based researchers, and those interested in the areas of health and visual communication and knowledge translation.

Contributors: Ingrid Bachmann, Pamela Brett-MacLean, Sean Caulfield, Kimberly Flowers, Jude Griebel, Bahaa Harmouche, Jill Ho-You, Heather Huston, Bernie Krewski, Lianne McTavish, Suresh Nayar, Bradley Necyk, Leslie O'Connor-Parsons, Kyle Terrence, Helen Vallianatos, Minn N. Yoon

About the Authors

Pamela Brett-MacLean is Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Director of the Arts and Humanities in Health and Medicine program in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Alberta. Lianne McTavish is Professor in the Department of Art and Design at the University of Alberta. She specializes in early modern visual culture, critical museum theory, and the history of the body.


"The contributors raise fundamental questions—of identity, speaking with others, and eating—and present these issues vividly. Readers will learn from both the participants' experience and the artists' creativity."—Celeste Condit, Distinguished Research Professor, University of Georgia

"Brett-MacLean and McTavish present a multidimensional view of this area of medical care with creativity and depth."—Martin Kohn, PhD, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine

9781772124156 : art-medicine-collaborative-practice-brett-maclean-mctavish-bachmann
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