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February 28, 2020
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Armies and Societies in Southeast Asia

Written by a multinational team of experts who deploy their disciplinary strengths in history, sociology, social anthropology, political science, and philology to analyze a wide range of sources, including royal chronicles, missionary dictionaries, colonial archival documents, audio- and videotapes, and face-to-face interviews, Armies and Societies in Southeast Asia adds to the small but growing body of publications on warfare in Southeast Asia and colonial armies. Military-society relations are examined in a wide range of ways: traditional strategies of augmenting populations, mutinies, and mutiny attempts, imperial anxieties, Japanese military legacies, the transoceanic experiences of Southeast Asian and European soldiers, postwar demobilizations and postconflict biographies, and the transformation of communist guerrillas into guardians of the state and their development of capitalist enterprises.

This volume will be of interest to Southeast Asianists and military historians alike as it not only covers traditional territorial grounds, thematic terrains, and temporal landscapes but also extends to individuals and further includes the national, regional, and transnational lives of military institutions.

About the Authors

Volker Grabowsky is professor of Thai language and culture at the Asia-Africa Institute of the University of Hamburg. Frederik Rettig is coeditor of Colonial Armies in Southeast Asia and Women Warriors in Southeast Asia.
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9786162151545 : armies-and-societies-in-southeast-asia-grabowsky-rettig
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