August 20, 2019
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Photography and Dissemination

An engaging and provocative account of photography's first commercial applications in England and their global implications. This book addresses a persistent gap in the study of photography's history, moving beyond an appreciation of single breakthrough works to consider the photographic image's newfound reproducibility and capacity for circulation through newsprint and other media in the nineteenth century.

About the Author

Geoffrey Batchen teaches art history at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. His books include Burning with Desire: The Conception of Photography, What of Shoes? Van Gogh and Art History, and Suspending Time: Life, Photography, Death.


"Batchen has an extraordinary capacity to develop complex new ideas and to present them persuasively. He is without peer in making the history of photography a dynamic, compelling subject."—Helen Ennis, professor emerita, Centre for Art History and Art Theory, Australian National University
Power Publications, Sydney

9780909952808 : apparitions-batchen
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$40.00 USD