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January 1, 2011
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Holographic Art in Australia

Long before virtual reality captured the imagination, holography provided artists with a new, challenging, three-dimensional medium. Its very immateriality demanded that artists approach its illusions in unforeseen and inventive ways.

Apparition provides the first detailed study of holographic art in Australia, of the artists producing it and the scientific institutions assisting them. It includes examinations of the work of Paula Dawson, Alexander, and Margaret Benyon and of the institutional collaborations developed by artists such as George Gittoes and David Warren. The book also provides an important historical survey of this advanced-technology art and canvasses the theoretical, perceptual and philosophical issues posed by the hyperreality of the holographic medium.

About the Authors

Rebecca Coye is a lecturer and Philip Hayward a senior lecturer, both in media and communication studies at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.
Power Publications, Sydney

9780909952273 : apparition-coyle-hayward
Paperback / softback
144 Pages
$26.95 USD

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