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January 22, 2016
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Anselm of Canterbury and the Desire for the Word

"Offers some highly illustrative examples of how authoritative writings, both scriptural and patristic, play their role in Anselm's endeavor to clarify the content of faith with the aid of reason. Sweeney is well informed about recent studies on different areas of Anslem's thought and makes good use of them. The work is carefully documented and well written...highly recommended to anyone striving to achieve a historically grounded understanding of Anselm's oeuvre." - Journal of the History of Philosophy

About the Author

Eileen C. Sweeney is professor of philosophy at Boston College
The Catholic University of America Press

9780813228730 : anselm-of-canterbury-and-the-desire-for-the-word-sweeney
Paperback / softback
406 Pages
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