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May 15, 2018
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Anarchists in the Academy

Machines and Free Readers in Experimental Poetry

Dani Spinosa takes up anarchism's power as a cultural and artistic ideology, rather than as a political philosophy, with a persistent emphasis on the common. She demonstrates how postanarchism offers a useful theoretical context for poetry that is not explicitly political—specifically for the contemporary experimental poem with its characteristic challenges to subjectivity, representation, authorial power, and conventional constructions of the reader-text relationship. Her case studies of sixteen texts make a bold move toward politicizing readers and imbuing literary theory with an activist praxis—a sharp hope. This is a provocative volume for those interested in contemporary poetics, experimental literatures, and the digital humanities.Case StudiesJim AndrewsChristian BökMez BreezeJohn CageAndy CampbellRobert DuncanKenneth GoldsmithSusan HoweJackson Mac LowErín Moure [Erin Mouré]Harryette MullenbpNicholVanessa PlaceJuliana SpahrBrian Kim StefansW. Mark SutherlandDarren Wershler

About the Author

Dani Spinosa holds a PhD in English Language and Literature from York University. She teaches literature in Toronto, and can be found online at

9781772123760 : anarchists-in-the-academy-spinosa
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