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July 16, 2015
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An Introductory New Testament Greek Course

Revised Edition

New Testament Greek is a form of Koine Greek, the common language that evolved in the time of Alexander the Great from a welter of dialects of classical times. For more than ten centuries. Koine Greek was the everyday commercial and cultural language of the Mediterranean world. It is best-known, though, for being the language in which the New Testament was composed.

Many Christians have the desire to read the New Testament in its original language. Unfortunately, books that introduce the student to New Testament Greek either tend to be long-winded, or overly simplified, or both. In this book, legendary scholar of biblical Greek, the late Frank Gignac provides a straight-forward "just the facts" approach to the subject. In fifteen lessons, he presents the basics of the grammar and the vocabulary essential for reading the Gospels in the original language. All the reader need do is to supply the desire to learn. As Gignac writes, "Good luck as you begin to learn another language! It may be sheer drudgery for a while, but the thrill will come when you begin to read the New Testament in the language in which it was written."

This new edition features a new preface from the author, a foreword from fellow classicist Frank Matera, and an answer guide to the problems presented in the exercises. The book thus can be used for self- study for those who seek to learn the language of the early church.

About the Authors

Francis T. Gignac was the former chair of Biblical Studies at the Catholic University of America. He was Chairman of the Board of Editors for the Revision of the New American Bible: New Testament; Member of the Board of Editors for the Revision of the New American Bible: Old Testament, and Chairman of the Board of Editors for the Revision of the Lectionary.


"This is a small book, concise and to the point. There are no frills here. But the student who uses it in the spirit in which it was written will make great strides in learning New Testament Greek. The publication of this text by CUA Press is a fitting tribute to a faithful priest, a demanding scholar, a caring teacher, and a good friend. Put it in the right hands, this small volume will be of inestimable value to yet another generation of students." - from the foreword by Frank J. Matera, professor Emeritus, The Catholic University of America

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