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October 27, 2011
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An Indigo Scent After the Rain

About the Author

James Grabill was born in Ohio and now lives in Portland, Oregon. His Poem Rising Out of the Earth and Standing Up in Someone was awarded the Oregon Book Award for Poetry in 1995. He teaches literature and writing at Clackamas Community College in Oregon City.


"As we are startled by James Grabill's honesty and vision, we realize his voice is the voice of many men who are wrestling with their imaginations, their hidden fires, the true songs that mark their lives."—Ray Gonzalez

"James Grabill creates new consciousness, ones that dare to explore the myriad ways objects, events, processes, and persons interrelate to form incredibly complex and exciting realities. He uses words to merge these elements much in the way sunlight, water vapor, and the earth's rotation merge into the living complexity we call a hurricane. These poems can change your relationship to language, your epistemology, your dreams, and your life."—Bill Tremblay

"Grabill is doing a theology of deep image, a surrealism of cosmogenesis and subatomic physics. Everything is connected and reflects. As John Muir noted, 'when we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.'."—John Benson

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9780899241135 : an-indigo-scent-after-the-rain-grabill
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