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An Enduring Legacy

Women Painters of Washington, 1930-2005

One of the state's oldest arts organizations, Women Painters of Washington was founded in 1930 with the aim of overcoming limitations faced by women artists. Over its 75-year history, the group has counted among its members talented artists of national prominence whose stories have not been widely shared, until now.

From founding members' early efforts to support fellow women artists, to contemporary members' cultural exchanges and international exhibitions, David F. Martin tells the story of Women Painters of Washington. He examines members' artistic achievements and the recognition they received in the national and international art worlds. In addition, a selection of works by current WPW members demonstrates the organization's continued vitality. Abundant color plates clearly illustrate the talent and innovation of these artists.

About the Author

David F. Martin is a leading expert on early Northwest art and co-author of Shadows of a Fleeting World: Pictorial Photography and the Seattle Camera Club.


"A fitting tribute to an important local arts organization. Highly recommended."—Choice


"A visually stunning book that will utterly revise our conventional notions of Northwest art."—
Women Painters of Washington

9780295991931 : an-enduring-legacy-martin
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