September 17, 1998
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An Appalachian Mother Goose

Who hasn't heard of Jack Sprat, Little Boy Blue, and Peter the pumpkin eater? These colorful characters from the Mother Goose rhymes have been a staple of children's literature for the last two hundred years. James Still, long known for his ability to bring the rhythmic and evocative language of the Appalachian region onto the page, now brings fresh life to these rhymes.

This new Mother Goose introduces readers to the delights of gooseberry pie, the festivities of Jockey Day, and the dangers of witch-broom. Who knew that the man in the moon was really on his way to Hazard, Kentucky, or that a person "has only to bathe in honey dew" to avoid getting freckles?


"Still's understanding of children and learning inspired him to give new life to Mother Goose, by using words children can relate to and be amused by."—Kentucky Monthly

"There's a distinctively personal, as well as regional, flavor that is very gratifying."—Kirkus Reviews

"Young and old alike will love these funny, lively, rhymes—guaranteed to bring on the giggles and set the toes to tapping. The best and most revered of Appalachian writers, James Still astonishes us with the purity of his language and the fresh truth of his vision."—Lee Smith

"This slim volume is sure to prove a hit with children everywhere."—Library Lane

"Still's rhymes and riddles are always fun."—Maysville Ledger-Independent

"Fun reading for both kids and adults and is a fine example of one regional author's use of folklore."—Ozarks Mountaineer

"Still's poetry is musical and mountain-made, and full of fun. The illustrations and the poems are simply perfect for small children—fun to hear and good for learning to read oneself. James Still has done it again—he has written a book for the ages."—The (Maysville, KY) Ledger-Independent

"In Still's Mother Goose, familiar characters face new problems and offer their folk wisdom to a new generation of readers."—The Appalachian Quarterly

"Ancient rhymer, grand old timer, seeks his inner child. Plays fast and loose with Mother Goose, drives this reader wild."—Virginia Quarterly Review

University Press of Kentucky

9780813120928 : an-appalachian-mother-goose-still
64 Pages
$19.95 USD

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