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October 19, 2000
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America Recommitted

A Superpower Assesses Its Role in a Turbulent World

When the first edition of America Recommitted was published in 1991, the world was passing through a period of sweeping political and social change. The Cold War was over; China had reverted to harsh authoritarian rule; U.S.-led forces were deployed in Saudi Arabia for potential military action against Iraq; the Soviet Union was on the verge of disintegration; and the unraveling of Yugoslavia had set the stage for brutal ethnic conflicts in Bosnia and Kosovo.

In the midst of this widespread upheaval, the United States reassessed its own role as the sole remaining superpower—a process that continues today. This new edition features three new chapters that assess U.S. foreign policy during the last two years of the Bush presidency and the first seven years of the Clinton administration, bringing new data and insights to the questions that have challenged U.S. policymakers during the 1990s.

About the Author

Donald E. Nuechterlein is a former professor at the Federal Executive Institute in Charlottesville, and in 1990 was visiting professor at Queen's University in Canada.


"A book whose intellectual rigor in the assessment of foreign policy issues can profit both policy makers and citizens alike."—ACFR Newsletter

"A tour-de-force through U.S. foreign policy throughout the Cold War and beyond."—Ethnic Conflict Research Digest

"A clear and optimistic analysis of the broad options facing American foreign policy."—Foreign Affairs

"Both informative and thought-provoking."—Friday Review of Defense Literature

"Will aid an educated observer to understand events and their potential implications."—Naval War College Review

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