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Allen Tupper True

An American Artist

This first definitive biography of the Colorado artist Allen Tupper True (1881-1955) relies on letters, diaries, and contemporary news accounts as well as family history to describe his artistic evolution from illustrator to easel painter to muralist. The lavish illustrations include most of True's murals (both extant and destroyed), a selection of his major easel paintings, as well as some of his sketches and cartoons and Indian-inspired designs.

About the Authors

Jere True was the eldest daughter of Allen Tupper True. She was a reporter for the Denver Post and publicity director for Aspen, Colorado. Victoria Tupper True, Allen True's granddaughter, worked as a public relations consultant in San Francisco for more than 25 years.


"Allen Tupper True: An American Artist recalls, in amazing detail, True's own creative awakening and his crucial role in creating and recording the region's rich history. True's inclusive vision brought overdue dignity to the region's earliest inhabitants. His groundbreaking murals of Western vistas made the region a more beautiful place and served as giant documentaries about a disappearing way of life."—Ray Rinaldi, Denver Post

"True extended the concept of the artistic decoration of public buildings to create breathtaking ornamentation for a variety of civic structures. At Boulder Dam, he used the coloration and motifs from Southwestern Indian tribal sources to create a unified design concept for an industrial building: from the terrazzo panels' Indian motifs surrounding floor drains to the appropriate color harmonies of the structure's internior spaces."—Joyce K. Schiller, Delaware Art Museum

Museum of the Rockies

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