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December 1, 1998
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Alberta Elders' Cree Dictionary/alperta ohci kehtehayak nehiyaw otwestamâkewasinahikan

Cree is the most widespread native language in Canada. The Alberta Elders' Cree Dictionary/alperta ohci kehtehayak nehiyaw otwestamâkewasinahikan is a highly usable and effective dictionary that serves students, business, governments, and media. This remarkable dictionary includes extensive Cree-English and English-Cree sections based upon both Northern Cree (the "TH" dialect) and Plains Cree (the "Y" dialect). It also includes: parts of speech, a "New Terms" supplement to the English-Cree section, appendices on kinship terms, months and numbers, and terms commonly used in government, courts and other institutions. Work on the dictionary began in the mid 1970s through the initiative of Nancy LeClaire, a Cree nun from Hobbema. The dictionary has had many other generous and dedicated contributors from among Alberta's Cree speakers. The dictionary is designed for speakers, students, and teachers of Cree. [See online dictionary at or download the app from iTunes.]

About the Authors

Earle H. Waugh is Professor Emeritus and Director of the Centre for the Centre for health and Culture in the Department of Family Medicine, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Alberta in Edmonton.


"Demonstrates the amazing achievement of Alberta's Cree people in the last hundred plus years."

"In illuminating the wealth of the Cree language, the dictionary more than meets its goal." Karen Rice, Letters in Canada

"[A]landmark work of native scholarship." Suzanne Methot, Quill & Quire

"[S]erves as a cultural focal point for an entire nationality." - Bruce Butcher, Athabasca Advocate

"[T]he publication of this dictionary has made a major cultural contribution to the Cree Community, to preserving and rejuvenating the Cree language." - Lucianna Ciccocioppo, Folio


"Our South Slave communities (Northern, sakāw nēhiyawēwin, 'U'-dialect) are amazed with these Elders' dictionaries... We are sharing them among our Cree classes and using them across our curricula, and our teachers really appreciate having the Cree—English, English—Cree, and new technical words. mistahi kīnanāskomawāw." Kyle Napier, Cree Language Manager Communications & Research Manager—Kyle Napier

9780888642844 : alberta-elders-cree-dictionary-alperta-ohci-kehtehayak-nehiyaw-otwestamakewasinahikan-leclaire-cardinal-waugh
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