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January 11, 2001
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Albert Sidney Johnston

Soldier of Three Republics

" With a new foreword by Gary W. Gallagher Selected as one of the best one hundred books ever written on the Civil War by Civil War Times Illustrated and by Civil War: The Magazine of the Civil War Society A new, revised edition of the only full-scale biography of the Confederacy's top-ranking field general during the opening campaigns of the Civil War.


"Those readers interested in biographical works on the Civil War's leaders would do well to have a copy. . . . No portion of Johnston's life, from his military and personal affairs, his financial failures and military successes, is left uncovered."—ACW Gaming and Reading Blog

"The classic treatment of Johnston."—American Historical Review

"Johnston's early years, military career, and encounters with Indians, Mormons, and Union soldiers are the focus of this 'masterly' study."—Civil War Book Review

"A masterly biography of a man cast in the heroic mold."—Journal of American History

"A biography of the Kentucky native who might have been mentioned in the same breath as Robert E. Lee had Johnston not died while commanding Confederate troops at the battle of Shiloh in 1862, only a year after the war started."—Lexington Herald-Leader

"Must reading for Civil War buffs and readers of military history."—McCormick (SC) Messenger

"A valuable biography of this outstanding officer."—NYMAS Newsletter

"The view of army life and the terrible decisions that many southern officers had to make at the beginning will provide an excellent background for further understanding the Civil War."—Paper Wars

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