June 24, 2009
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Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, Washington's First World's Fair

A Timeline History

This richly illustrated and well-researched volume chronicles the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, held in Seattle in 1909. The 3.7 million visitors to the fair during its four-month run, on what was to become the University of Washington campus, beheld a cornucopia of exhibits housed in an astonishing collection of buildings and enjoyed the carnival-like - and sometimes controversial - entertainments of the Pay Streak midway. Starting with the Klondike Gold Rush in 1897, authors Alan J. Stein and Paula Becker recount in detail the history of the fair that brought Seattle and Washington into the national spotlight.

The A-Y-P Exposition was a major community effort for a state that was only twenty years old. It was the first world's fair to make a profit, it provided a platform for advocates of woman suffrage, and it set the general plan for the University of Washington campus that endures to this day.

About the Authors

Alan J. Stein is a HistoryLink.org staff historian and award-winning author of Safe Passage: The Birth of Washington State Ferries; Bellevue Timeline; and The Olympic: The Story of Seattle's Landmark Hotel. Paula Becker is a staff historian for HistoryLink.org and author of the popular "Park Hopping" column for ParentMap magazine.


"This beautifully illustrated coffee table book chronicles all the important dates and events and random trivia associated with the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition. You don't need to read this book cover-to-cover in order to fully enjoy it."—Everett Public Library

"This beautifully packaged history offers both a wealth of anecdotes and a savvy selection of vintage photographs and memorabilia that bring the 1909 A-Y-P Exposition to life."—Seattle Times

"The history of the A-Y-P Exposition on the cityscape and mindset of Seattle is keenly, lovingly evoked in every detail of the book's layout. Here's a local history to put on everyone's Christmas list—- if they can bear to wait that long to get it."—Seattle Times

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9780295989266 : alaska-yukon-pacific-exposition-washingtons-first-worlds-fair-stein-becker-brown
188 Pages
$29.95 USD

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