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March 9, 2020
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Advanced Business Arabic

Successful communication in business requires more than the mastery of another language.Mohssen Esseesy's Al-Munjiz helps learners cultivate strategies for increasing language proficiency while building strong cultural awareness. It merges language instruction with lessons on how to design an appropriate résumé, respond to a job advertisement, analyze energy and fuel markets, and otherwise navigate Arab business contexts. Through this thoughtful exposure to Arab professional life and culture, Esseesy crafts a well-rounded content-based textbook that promotes crucial critical thinking and problem solving skills for business competency.

With chapter-modules that can be taught in any sequence, Al-Munjiz develops core competencies for advanced Arabic learners through six key business topics: Islamic banking, geography, employment, fuel and energy, e-commerce, and tourism. The textbook features authentic materials, case studies, business sources, and provides video interviews with prominent Arab business experts that enrich the comprehension of targeted topics (available on the publisher website). Al-Munjiz includes diverse types of exercises and activities, making the textbook ideal for linking the classroom with commerce for school, college and university, government, and private and professional language group instruction.

About the Author

Mohssen Esseesy is a professor of Arabic and international affairs and Director of the Arabic program in the Department of Classical and Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations at the George Washington University. He has published extensively on Arabic and Semitic historical linguistics and is the author of Grammaticalization of Arabic Prepositions and Subordinators: A Corpus-Based Study.


"Finally, a textbook for advanced business Arabic that makes sense. Al-Munjiz is a well-organised book which provides authentic material for enhancing learners' knowledge of business Arabic. With contemporary topics such as Islamic banking and e-commerce, a modern approach which allows learners to be both analytical and creative, a variety of activities designed to address all language skills, and a handy glossary, this book is a great addition to any business Arabic class." — Mai Zaki, associate professor, Department of Arabic and Translation Studies, American University of Sharjah

"Al-Munjiz: Advanced Business Arabic represents a major contribution to the Arabic field and a valuable source for teachers and learners of Arabic worldwide. The approach utilized in Al-Munjiz reflects skillful integration of both theory and practice. The book is anchored in theories of content-based learning and language for specific purposes and is based on years of masterful practice and experience in the classroom that have been fully utilized in the design of the book and its various components. The integration of all language skills within business-based themes, the case studies that address multi-dimensional analysis of business topics, the video interviews with prominent business figures in the Arab world, and the wide variety of activities included in the book will set the new standard for business Arabic for many years to come." — Mahmoud Al-Batal, Professor of Arabic, Department of Arabic, American University of Beirut (AUB)

9781626166820 : al-munjiz-esseesy
Paperback / softback
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