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December 1, 2014
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Aboriginal Cultures in Alberta

Five Hundred Generations

This heavily illustrated, full colour historical narrative is a testament to the past 11,000 years of Aboriginal history in Alberta. It conveys the many challenges that Aboriginal people confronted, and celebrates their enduring legacy. Berry and Brink explore grassroots political and cultural movements of the 1960s, contemporary self-government initiatives, and the ongoing reclamation of the Aboriginal voice.


"Heavily illustrated with sketches, diagrams, paintings and photographs-both historic and modern-this book explores numerous facets of aboriginal life and experience, including food, art, religious beliefs and technology..Aboriginal Cultures in Alberta also guides readers beyond the stereotypical romance of Native culture ad history by providing some insights on the struggle Native people have faced since the arrival of Europeans. The authors did this by including more recent issues that include education, religion, health and politics, as well."—Rob Alexander, Rocky Mountain Outlook
University of Alberta Press

9781460122297 : aboriginal-cultures-in-alberta-berry-brink
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92 Pages
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